Paint Protection Armor for Working Vehicles and Off-Road Adventures

A Durable Shield from the Worst the Road Can Throw at You

Xpel Armor — Where Rugged Meets the Road and Wins

Xpel Armor — Maximum Paint Protection 

Rocks and gravel bounce off Xpel Armor. Overgrown vegetation and branches slide by harmlessly. Armor’s protective film prevents dings and dents, scuffs, scrapes and scratches. 13 mils of polymer film defend your vehicle from everything the worst road conditions offer.

It’s Not Too Late

Even if your vehicle has been out on the road already, Armor can cover old dings, dents and scratches, making your vehicle look like new and keep on protecting your paint job for the next 10 years — guaranteed.

Custom Applications

Apply Armor to high-wear areas of your vehicle like the bumpers and rocker panels, tailgate and kick plates. Keep your vehicle looking young with extra protection for the parts of the exterior that get the most exposure to damage.

Maximum Protection for Working Vehicles

Contact Clear Shield Paint Protection. Expert and experienced. Detail oriented craftsmen who take pride in protecting vehicle’s painted surfaces.

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