Xpel Ultimate — High Gloss Vehicle Paint Protection

Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film

Xpel Ultimate is virtually invisible, letting the true color of your automobile’s paint finish shine through. Our automotive paint protection is the premium permanent barrier between your vehicle’s painted surfaces and the manmade and natural hazards your car faces. We install Xpel’s powerful film shield that keeps out dirt, blocks harmful UV radiation and prevents rock chips and stones from damaging your car’s paint.  Xpel film absorbs whatever damage the car’s paint would have received. Plus, scratches and dings in the film’s surface heal with the sun’s rays or even with a warm wet rag. 

Invisible Paint Protection that Lasts and Lasts

Xpel Ultimate is virtually invisible and indestructible. Your car will shine like it just came off the showroom floor. Guaranteed for ten years.

Stops Rock Chips and Small Scratches

Xpel Ultimate is an armor shield against rocks, road debris and scratches to your car’s painted finish. Plus, its elastomeric polymers return to their natural shape if they’re stretched, scratched or disfigured. Activated by warmth like the sun’s rays on a warm day or even a hair dryer, Xpel will heal itself from most dings and scratches.

Chemicals, Acid Rain, Sap & Bird Droppings

Xpel Ultimate blocks acid rain, road salt and other harsh environmental chemicals. Tree sap, bird droppings and other natural threats wipe away with a rag.

UV Rays and Fading from the Sun

Xpel Ultimate prevents harmful UV rays from damaging the paint of your car like it can damage your skin. It won’t fade, crack or yellow from ultraviolet radiation and it prevents the sun’s rays from reaching your car’s painted surface.

Paint Protection to the Max

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