Invisible Paint Protection

Clear Shield was named the 2020 Massachusetts installer of the year for Xpel protective films. At Clear Shield, we professionally install protective films to vehicles to take the worry out of those chips, nicks, and dents caused by natural wear and tear from driving on the road. Over the last 16 years we’ve protected over 20,000 vehicles in Massachusetts and Southern New England.

Our Services

Clear Shield Paint Protection Film defends your car’s finish. It’s your car’s armor against manmade and environmental damage. Clear Shield adds years to your car’s finish, preventing dings, scratches, staining and fading. Our premier paint protection product adds value to your car with a full ten year warranty. The crystal clear polyurethane film never fades, never dulls, never yellows. We use precision templates computer cut to your individual vehicle’s specifications from thousands of computer cut templates. 

Rock Chip Damage Protection

Our Paint Protection Film’s high impact resistance prevents damage from road debris and small stones.

Small Scratches Heal Naturally

The elastomeric polymers in the paint protection film return to their original shape after being distorted or scratched. Activated by warmth, the film heals itself and regains its original smooth gloss finish. 

Stains and Etching by Chemicals Prevented

Acids and other harsh chemicals that could damage your car’s finish are repelled by the paint protection film.

Stops Acid Rain From Damaging Paint

Our Paint Protection Film prevents caustic minerals  and acid rain from eroding your vehicle’s factory finish.

Blocks Harmful UV Rays To Preserve Paint's Clarity

Our paint protection film blocks high energy radiation from the sun’s UV rays that would fade the factory finish.

Completely Transparent, Highlights the Original Paint

Our PPF is completely transparent while it protects your paint allowing your factory painted surfaces to shine through.

Keep the Vehicle's Resale Value High

The look of your vehicle determines its resale value. Our PPF guarantees that your car will look like new when it’s time to resell it.

Your Car Will Never Look its Age

From the first year to the last year you own your car it will shine like a new car. Our film protects its painted surfaces from the full range of natural and manmade hazards that would make it look old or worn out.

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